Let’s redefine health & wellness at your company.  

Sitting is hard on your body. Everyone knows that and has felt its effects. But when your employees Fit-bits buzz each hour, did you know that it is incredibly valuable time that if used wisely, can lead to some pivotal changes in your workforces physical structure, pain management, morale and productivity? Work with me and I’ll help you enhance the performance of each of your employees, reduce musculoskeletal conditions and doctor visits, manage pain and improve overall happiness and wellbeing. 

Here are some of the tools I work with:

  • Self massage with The Roll Model® method therapy balls
  • Corrective exercises with inexpensive resistance tools and also utilizing the desk, chair and office space to mitigate the effects of sitting
  • Yoga and other movement & mindset tools for reducing stress and anxiety and increasing productivity
  • I create movement “par courses” designed specifically for your workplace to support this culture shift towards “on the job” self care
  • Customized 4-12-weeks of programming for your company

Self Care is the New Health Care

The Center for Disease Control reports that we are spending 75 cents of every healthcare dollar on chronic conditions linked to sedentary behavior, like obesity, diabetes, heart diseased even depression and cancer.

Generally, I work with your company’s leadership team first to upgrade their self care skills in order to inspire a culture shift within your company. Contact me below with your name and company title for more information, my corporate menu of offerings and to set up a free demo class for you and your top performers.

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