The good news is, our kids have more sports playing opportunities than we had as kids. The bad news is, the stats on preventable injuries to them is alarmingly high. Work with me to help your kids improve their physical literacy, body awareness, fitness intelligence & emotional resilience so this doesn’t have to happen to them. Bonus: student athletes who know their bodies better are more coachable which often leads to more playing time.

For Families: Have me come work with your family – your “team” of students and parents. Take a look at my Sport page to get some ideas of the things I’ll scale to work with your families sports & activities.

For Sports Coaches: Contact me and let’s have a chat about how I can support your student athletes through teaching athlete-friendly yoga, mobility & self care strategies.

We can meet in person, or ONLINE: I’ve been doing Zoom & FaceTime sessions for a while now, and they work quite well.

Work With Me