Hi! I’m Sandy Gross, founder of Move Well Cleveland, and I can help you manage pain and improve your performance. I am a yoga-inspired Functional Movement Specialist focused on helping people develop and maintain a sustainable body throughout their lifetime.

I evaluate movement patterns and design programs for my clients that involve several self-therapy tools and techniques, such as rehabilitative exercises, yoga postures, self myo-fascial mobilizations (SFMR), breathing & conscious relaxation. I see clients both in person, or ONLINE. Read about how I can help you in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

My clients include yoga studios, sports teams, student athletes, fitness & recreational athletes and companies.

I also teach classes online at my Move Well Virtual Studio. Join my private Facebook group for active people who are seeking conversation and solutions towards solving their own aches & pains.

We all have the potential to grow strong and age gracefully. I believe that moving well is your starting point.