I’m not an athlete. How then can you help me?2018-04-05T17:45:47+00:00

I believe your performance and longevity is just as important as that of a pro athlete. The pros need to do whatever they can in a relative short period of time, the lifespan of their career, to take the best care they can of their bodies. Move Well Cleveland is dedicated to bringing these same tools and techniques we use with our athletes, to you, so that you can *do* your body better. Your “career” as a human deserves to be productive and pain free. Our work together will help you see the striking similarities in your body as well as make available the self-therapies that we use with our pro athlete clients. It might seem surprising, but an athlete’s spine and shoulder design has the same functionality as yours, they just perhaps pay more attention to them than you do;) Steve Jobs once said, “Design is a funny word.  Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

I’m done with physical therapy, but I’m still not 100% for my activity level I had before. And I have fear I could injure myself again. How can you help me?2018-04-26T11:24:49+00:00

I help people bridge the gap between pre-post physical therapy and your “return to sport”, fitness or daily life activities in general. I teach movement literacy so that you have greater self awareness of moving well, which is a huge part of preventing aches & pains. Movement literacy also helps you feel more confident and at home in your body so you have less fear trying new things or simply getting back to your favorite fitness activities.

I’d be most comfortable if you could speak with my physical therapist. Do you do that?2018-04-26T11:26:35+00:00

Yes. I love working with PT’s, chiropractors (and personal trainers, etc.) plan for you and helping you to apply the commonalities with your everyday life so that your continuing body awareness actually can expand once you leave physical therapy. Medical practitioners often don’t have the time to take this next step nor do they have the time. This is where I come in. I’ll help you stay pain free as well as help you regain the confidence to get back to your life before injury. Building your self knowledge of moving well becomes the super skill we work towards.

I’m reading these FAQ’s and curious…I want to avoid injury and physical therapy! Maybe I should work with you before I get injured to prevent?2018-04-26T11:27:41+00:00

YES! I believe this attitude is so key!! However, embracing personal responsibility for your health, while more popular and easier to do with the internet today, can be very confusing! I help you make sense of it all and with my use of the Functional Movement Screen, help you take more control in your quest for prevention.

I own a company and am concerned about the number of aches & pains prevalent in my employee base. I am an active person and have some of my own! I know musculoskeletal disorders are a large part of what’s contributing to my insurance rates being so high. What can your company contribute to our wellness initiatives to help reduce these growing numbers?2018-04-26T11:28:06+00:00

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) “include cases where the nature of the injury or illness is pinched nerve; herniated disc; meniscus tear; sprains, strains, tears; hernia (traumatic and nontraumatic); pain, swelling, and numbness; carpal or tarsal tunnel syndrome; Raynaud’s syndrome or phenomenon; musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases and disorders, and when the event or exposure leading to the injury or illness is overexertion and bodily reaction, unspecified; overexertion involving outside sources; repetitive motion involving microtasks; other and multiple exertions or bodily reactions; and rubbed, abraded, or jarred by vibration.”  Many of these cases are preventable and our company teaches people how to move well, and provides education of several self therapy techniques to empower your team to take greater responsibility for their personal health. We bridge the gap between aches & pains, fitness and the healthcare system and a large part of our work is helping your team mitigate the effects of sitting by teaching varied “movement snacks” that can help ensure a healthy spine, alert mind, and increased productivity at work.