The most common perception people have of contemporary yoga is that it increases flexibility. Although increased flexibility is definitely one of the benefits, there are also many other positive health benefits as well.

In addition to the physical practice of yoga improving general body awareness, balancing our bodies musculature and connective tissues, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown, there are many yoga teachings that focus on “down regulating” our nervous (and hormonal) systems and increasing our ability to focus and concentrate.

My yoga services specialize in the following areas:

Yoga Teacher Trainings

My signature program, The Yoga In Your Anatomy® (YIYA®), is an embodied way of learning about anatomy and biomechanics that increases greater self-awareness. It also highlights the philosophy of yoga throughout the body along the way that establish relevant connections for your students and their movements. (CEC’s are available for each modules offered below)

  • YIYA® 200-hr teacher training module
  • YIYA® 500-hr teacher training module
  • YIYA® yoga studio staff training
  • YIYA® Student Edition

Public Workshops

Below is a list of my current and most popular workshop offerings.

Private Yoga Sessions with Yoga Teachers and Students

Usually, I start each initial session with the Functional Movement Systems FMS screen. I, then, tailor my instruction to your interests as well as what we found in the screen. Certain poses and perhaps some other corrective strategies are then recommended depending on your goals and limitations. We can meet in person, or ONLINE: I’ve been doing Zoom & FaceTime sessions for a while now, and they work quite well. Read more about pricing and packages I offer to work with me privately.

Teachers: Gain clarity about your practice and how you can use what you learn directly in your teaching to help your students increase their embodiment with yoga. Earn CEC’s through Yoga Alliance when working with me.

Students: Gain the skills necessary for feeling empowered in your at-home practice, in any yoga class and gain the self knowledge to be able to adapt poses to your body with confidence.

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