There has never been a better time to prioritize movement education so that we can manage aches and pains ourselves.

Move Well Education exists to empower you with the fundamental movement patterns, skills and self therapy techniques that keep your muscles, bones and joints – your biomechanics – tuned up and healthy for a lifetime.

I teach active people who are struggling with aches and pains how to move well through my program, Move Well Ed. The goal is to become movement literate, more knowledgeable about what pain is telling you and empowered to solve your own aches and pains. The result is they live better in their bodies immediately and gain confidence to play and travel with much less fear. I also design customized Body Maintenance Plans.

My work is valued by top performers in many fields: professional athletes and coaches, top doctors, business leaders and entertainers who’ve popularized the growing field of performance care. The main thing these people have is common is something that money cannot buy: they have the self belief and understanding that how well you move (and rest) matters. They also value investing in the personalization of this work to affect their lives immediately.

The Foundational Program: Move Well Ed. 12-Session Curriculum – Driving School for Your Body

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In this program I teach you the how the human body evolved to move and why this is the key to living well, pain free. You’ll learn the essential principles, patterns and skills that literally formed your backbone. (and spoiler: how to sneak them in your life to become more durable in everything you do.) You’ll become a student of your body, it’s blind spots and begin to connect the dots of moving well to your whole movement life. You’ll know how to better craft personalized warm ups and movement recovery. You’ll start interpret fitness or coaching cues with deeper embodiment. Nagging aches and pains will get better, they may even go completely away. You’ll simply live better in your body, now and into your future.

**You are not broken, nor injury “prone” – you just need to re-connect to moving well and understand that before there was “exercise”, we emerged as perfectly tuned human movers.** Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors agree – most musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction can be distilled down to poor movement understanding. Move Well Ed. will upgrade your entire life.

Here’s what this program includes:

-12 personalized sessions either via Facetime, Zoom or in person.

-A workbook with further reading and a place for us to write notes from each session.

Two, Functional Movement Screens: In Session 1, to evaluate how you move right now, to check for your knowledge of basic movement “vital signs” and to find movement dysfunction. In Session 12, we re-screen to note your progress: your self knowledge of moving well.

-A personalized Body Maintenance Plan after the first session so you can begin to address aches & pains you’re managing right now.

-Free access to my “virtual studio” online for the time we’re working together. A great place get reinforcement through various movement practices online about what you’re learning during our 12 sessions together.

-A discounted rate to continue to see me monthly (post-MWEd.) to update your personal Body Maintenance Plan AND to have access to my ongoing weekly classes at my virtual studio.

Check out the testimonials from some of the graduates of this program.

*Fill out New Student Intake Form to apply. I will follow up with you shortly for a free consult for us to see if we’re a good fit to work together. **I also offer a free 20-minute phone or video chat to discuss your needs. ***Limited space each month. If sessions are filled, you will be put on a waitlist for a future start date.

Additional ways to work with me:

REGEN Sessions – The recovery movement practice for athletes and active people: A blend of yoga, rehabilitative exercises, assisted stretches, guided relaxation and meditation.

For Pro Athletes:

Off Season recommendation: MOVE WELL Ed. Program & followed by weekly REGEN Sessions– Show up at camp, READY and injury-free.
In-Season: Weekly REGEN Sessions. Bottom line: injury prevention and career longevity.

For recreational athletes and active people:

Start with the Foundational Program: Move Well Ed.

Post-Move Well Ed.:

6-Sessions Programs:

Learn to use Kettle Bells

Designing a Movement-Oriented Work Place at Home or at Work.

Home Gym Upgrade – Functional Training at Home

At-Home Family Health Center – Shift your home to be where you and your teens move well, eat well and rest well.

Healthy College Prep: Empower your college-bound young adults to move, eat and rest well.

Custom Programs:

  • Teen & college athletes
  • Post-surgery/post-rehab – from functional to optimal
  • Yoga & mobility training – CEC’s for coaches
  • Former/retired athlete – problem solving & pain management
  • Post-rehab – for chronic illness and aging
  • CXO performance
  • Entertainment performance
  • Pre/Post natal program

Have a question? Arrange for a FREE phone consultation.
New Student Intake Form.

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel and perform. Your body is also designed to age well.

How is my work different from your current exercise routine? I focus on education and helping you understand how much power and control you have over the above points. It is very empowering work. By contrast, the priority we put on ”fitness” is usually getting “in shape”, weight loss, burning calories, sports performance, etc. It is assumed that what you’re doing will help you arrive at the goal of being a top athlete or an independently living 95 year old. However, you need to know this:

“There are more doctor visits for musculoskeletal issues from exercisers than there are from non-exercisers. Exercise is now a risk factor for health, not for fitness. We’ve put fitness on movement dysfunction when moving well, before moving often, should be the priority.” – Gray Cook, Physical Therapist, co- creator, FMS

Who is the MOVE WELL Ed. Program for?

  • Ideal for someone struggling with sub-clinical pain – learn how to manage your aches and pains and solve problems yourself, before they escalate into injuries that require health care costs & co-pays.
  • “I have pain but I’m not sure if I should see a doctor.” We’ll do an FMS screen – the GOLD standard for screening for movement dysfunction in sports and designed by a physical therapist. We get screened for breast cancer, heart disease, vision, dental, etc. – think of it as preventative screening for movement hygiene.
  • Prevention and longevity focused people who consider themselves life-long learners.
  • Those new or returning to exercise – get started on the right path and gain confidence to even set foot in a gym
  • Ideal for someone stepping down from physical therapy after an injury – alot of fear comes with this transition – we’ll break through that and get you back to your routine with less fear.
  • Athletes & coaches (pros, college, high school, recreational & fitness) – increase your self knowledge, gain a vast toolbox of athletic recovery including mindset help & yoga, get CEC’s and gain new warm-up/down routines and de-load workouts.

No matter where you see yourself in the lists above, my overarching goal is to help you maximize the amazing, self-correcting, self-healing body you were born with and if you’re pre/post injury, get you back to doing what you love.

Being a healthy human for the long game requires a set of *skills* and this fact is extremely underserved within fitness and yoga communities. Let’s get beyond your foam roll and get you back to doing what you love with more self knowledge and less restrictions.

Read more about my process and fill out the New Student Intake Form to inquire about working together. Next, we’ll have a phone chat to discuss how the MOVE WELL Ed. 12-session curriculum can upgrade your life.


1: Where do you work out of? I travel to teams, clients, etc. Let me deal with the traffic and save you time. I do have access to a heated yoga room in Cleveland Heights, if you wish to travel to me.

2: Do I offer package deals? Yes. MOVE WELL Ed. has a discount for the 12 sessions and ongoing REGEN sessions can be paid in advance for a discount and for priority scheduling.

3: Do I travel out of state/country? Yes, I will hop on a plane and come work with you. I compact the content to fit into a few days or a week.

4: Do I do FaceTime sessions? Yes, FaceTime and Zoom sessions actually work really well.